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Chemistry 12

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Calculate the pH of the solution that results when 27.38mL of 0.15M H2SO4(aq) is mixed with 18.50mL of 0.19M Ca(OH)2 (aq)

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    mL x M = millimoles.
    27.38 x 0.15 = 4.197 mmoles H2SO4
    18.5 x 0.19 = 3.515 mmoles Ca(OH)2
    (Watch the significant figures. I have used too many assuming you did not omit zeros on the 0.15 and 0.19).

    ......H2SO4 + Ca(OH)2 ==> CaSO4 + 2H2O

    So the ICE chart tells you that you have an excess of 0.592 mmoles H2SO4 in (27.38+18.5 mL) for a M = 0.592 moles/45.88 mL = ?M
    Determine the pH of that solution
    Remember H2SO4 has a k2 value of about 0.012.

  • Chemistry 12 -


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