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Bill has just started working for a major grocery store as a check-out clerk. Mason is training him in the duties of the new position. At the end of the first day, Bill and Mason are counting the cash in their drawer and reconciling cash receipts to the cash register total. Mason says “We use a cash envelope to deal with cash differences. If you are short today, take the cash out of the cash envelope to balance out. When you have extra cash, put the extra cash in the envelope and report that you were even. This method allows you to “look good” because your cash balances out. It is easier than reporting an “error” every day when your cash is over or short. I’m so glad you will be working with us. It looks like you will catch on to the way we do business here quickly.”

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    That's the way I might do it, but accountants don't like that kind of slipshod accounting.

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    What are the ethical issues?
    Who are the stakeholders? (at least 3)
    How is each stakeholder you listed in #2 affected? (Be specific).
    What would you do? Explain

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