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if home plate is 60.5 feet from the pitcher's mound, find the distance from the pitcher's mound of a major league baseball field to the center of a circumscribed circle that touches home plate, 1st base and second base. Find the exact, simplified length of the radius of that circumscribed circle.

I am confused about exactly what this question is asking. Can you head me in the right direction?

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    If I understand it correctly, since the radius is from the pitcher's mound to home plate, you have already been given the value of the radius. What value do they give?

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    Actually, since the circle touches home, 1st, 2nd, it makes no difference where the pitcher's mound is. If the mound is the center of the diamond, then as PsyDAG said, that is the radius.

    However, as I recall, a baseball diamond is a square of side 90 feet. That means the diameter is 90√2 = 127.3 ft.

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