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Thank you. I forgot to add the following questions.

1) The devices used by Wordsworth are: Similes (lonely as a cloud ......), personification (crowd, host..), repetition. (what connector is most approprate to list the devices?)
2) The daffodils are described alive with motion.
The daffodils toss (move) their head in sprightly dance and outdo the waves in glee. (I need a synonym for outdo)
3) She became mentally ill.

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    1) Do you mean "literary terminology" by connector?

    2) in a sprightly dance might be clearer.
    outdo = best, better, exceed, excel, outmatch, outrun, outshine, outstrip, pass, surpass, top, transcend, beat.

    Did you ever bookmark the synonyn, thesaurus links I gave you?


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