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Hi Teachers !!!!:)

Ms. Sue remember I told you about my grades well I got some a few questions I would like to ask you.

This you post:
98.33 + 93.0 + 96.66 = 287.99

287.99 / 3 = 95.9966667

Your average for these three classes is 96%, which is a GPA of 3.84.

ok You see in my school's handbook it says in order to be in the honor roll or principal list you have to have....

Honor Roll - 89.5% (rounded to the nearest whole #)
Pricipal List - 94.5% (rounded to the nearest whole #)

and for my GPA how did you got a 3.84 ???
also what the GPA for 89.5% & 94.5% ????
do u like have a chart that I can see or something

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    please answer this post my school year is very important to me

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    4 * 0.96 = 3.84

    To find the GPAs from the percentages, multiply 4 * 0.895 and 4 * 0.945

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    where did you got 4 from ????

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    A perfect score is 4.0

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    I got 35.80/358 for 4 x 89.5
    and for 4 x 94.5 i got 378/3780

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    I got 35.80/358 for 4 x 89.5
    and for 4 x 94.5 i got 378/37.80

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    94.5% = 0.945

    You must use the decimal number when you're calculating using percentages.

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    so if i have a 96% for my 3 classes that means that my GPA is 3.6 because ...

    4.0 - 100
    3.9 - 99
    3.8 - 98
    3.7 - 97
    3.6 - 96

    for the percentange is ...????
    for the 3.84 is for my regular GPA idk

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    oh it's 96% for percentange never mind about that

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