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A) HSO4^- + SO3^2- <---> HSO3^- + SO4^2-
B) S^2- + H20 <----> HS^- + OH^-
C) CN^- + H3O^+ <----> HCN + H2O
D) H2SE + H2O <----> HSE^- + H3O^+


    What do you not understand about this? Look for the ion that has an H on one side and one fewer H on the other side. That's all there is to it.


    so which one is the acid and which one is the base


    The one with more H is the acid and the one with one fewer H is the base.
    HSO4^- is the acid. SO4^2- is the base.
    SO3^2- is the base; HSO3^- is the acid.

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