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Chemistry 101

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A solution of .12 L of 0.160 M KOH is mixed with a solution of .3 L of 0.230 M NiSO4.

the equation for this reaction is:
2KOH (aq)+NiSO4 (aq) ----->K2SO4 (aq)+Ni(OH)2 (s)

.89 grams of Ni(OH)2 precipitate form

I need to know the concentration remaining in the solution of:
1) Ni (II)
2) SO4
3) K

I do not know how to do these nor can i find aid to show me how to do it step by step, so to whoever answers this question, could you also show steps so i can learn how to do this? thank you to whoever puts in their time and helps me!!

  • Chemistry 101 -

    See your other post above.

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