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The sum of two consecutive odd integers is 56.
A. Define a variable for the smaller integer.
B. What must you add to an odd integer to get the next greater odd integer?
C. Write an expression for the second integer.
D. Write and solve an equation to find the two odd integers.

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    (a) represent the unknowns using variables:
    let x = be the smaller odd integer

    (b) since the difference between any odd integers is always 2, we must add 2 to the smaller odd integer to get the next odd integer.

    (c) let x + 2 = be the greater odd integer

    (d) since it is stated that the sum of the integers is equal to 56,
    x + (x + 2) = 56
    2x + 2 = 56
    2x = 54
    x = 27 (smaller odd integer)
    x + 2 = 29 (larger odd integer)

    hope this helps~ :)

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    Yeah, I did it right! Thank you!!

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