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chemistry 12

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Identify the two conjugate acid-base pairs in each of the following.

a.) H2PO4-(aq)+HSO4-(aq) <=> H2PO4(aq)+ SO4^-2(aq)

b.) HI(aq)+ CN-(aq)<==>HCN-(aq)+ I-(aq)

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    You've made a typo in a. HSO4^-/SO4^2- is one pair. The other pair SHOULD be H2PO4^-/H3PO4

    It should not be a very big problem to do these. All you do is look on the left side and the right side and find the ion/ions that are short or long by a H^+.
    Note I see HSO4^- on the left and on the right we have a H^+ missing so that must be the pair.

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