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Using each of the following scales, find the dimensions in a blueprint of an 8ft-by-12ft room.

1. 1 in.:2ft

2. 1 in.:4ft

  • Algebra -


    1 in = 2 ft Divide both sides with 2

    0.5 in = 1 ft

    0.5 * 8 = 4 in

    0.5 * 12 = 6 in

    4 in by 6 in


    1 in = 4 ft Divide both sides with 4

    0.25 in = 1 ft

    0.25 * 8 = 2 in

    0.25 * 12 = 3 in

    2 in by 3 in

  • Algebra -

    I don't get this.

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