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Ok today during social studies I got this mini progress report (it's a overview on what grade I have right now before they send our real progress report which they may send this week or next week) and like I just want to know what GPA i got.

Here it is & other classes

English - 98.33
Math - 93.00
Social Studies - 96.66

I'm going to find out my GPA for my other classes. When I mean GPA like I mean like did I got 4.0 or 3.2.

Thank You
Ps: Are these are very good grades?

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    You're doing very well, Laruen.

    98.33 + 93.0 + 96.66 = 287.99

    287.99 / 3 = 95.9966667

    Your average for these three classes is 96%, which is a GPA of 3.84.

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    Does / means that you divide it ?

    3.84 is that good ? or it's over 4.0 and that VERY good ?????

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    Yes. / means to divide.

    Your GPA depends upon how your school figures it. If you have all A's then your GPA is 4.0.

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    Thank You
    I ask my music teacher & sci teacher about my average of sci & music they said that they don't know yet they have have to check. They are mailing today or tommrrow idk but thanks anyway.

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    You see in my school's handbook it says in order to be in the honor roll or principal list you have to have....

    Honor Roll - 89.5%
    Pricipal List - 94.5%

    and for my GPA how did you got a 3.84 ???

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