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Ok I finish it today do yo think it's good.

1. First, Maria and her best friend Lexi are going to leave home at the same time & same place to go to school.
2. Next, Maria will go on the bus while Lexi is walking to school
3. Then, the girls will be doing this for one month
4. Then, while doing this they will record if the bus is slower then walking or not
5. Then, by the end of the month they will bring their results together & make it into chart.
6. Then, while they are doing their results Maria will calulate if the bus is slower or not.
7. Lastly, Maria & Lexi will find out if Maria's prediction is right or wrong

My sci teacher said to write @ least 10 steps. So it'f good please no mean commtents.

Thank You !!! :)

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    I mean if it's good
    srry about that

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    This is good.

    You might add:

    They will record the time it took for the bus and the time it took to walk.

    They will calculate the mean (average) time for each.

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    What is the control? It seems to me you are comparing if Lexi is slower than the bus or not. Would Maria have walked faster?

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    Thank You Ms. Sue.
    Bobpursley well Maria is the variable since she said if the bus is slower than the bus & Lexi is the control one.

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    oh i mean the bus is slower than walking srry about that

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