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Fibonacci numbers

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I have been working on this question all day and can not figure out what to do.
The question says according to the Quadratic Formula, the solutions of x^2-x-1=0
I know the positive solution is the golden rule ratio and the negative solution is the conjugate of 0(with a slash through it) and is denoted with a 0with a slash and phi bar above it.

I just cannot figure out how to use a calculator to write the decimal expansions of 0 (with a slash through it) and 0 with a slash and phi bar above it rounded to six decimal places (to the right of the decimal point. Describe the relationship between the decimal expansions.

I am not understanding this problem at all. The notes I have are not any help either.
Thanks for any help

  • Fibonacci numbers -

    x= (1+-sqrt(5))/2=

    1+sqrt 5/ 2 = = 1.61803399
    (1-sqrt 5)/2= -1.23606798

    relationship? multiplied, they equal -2

    Hint. Use your google search window as a calculator

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