English, Critical Thinking Part 2

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This is regarding the same article by Stiglitz.

Define and discuss the term "ideology" as related to the article.
Explain the ideology in the article.

  • English, Critical Thinking Part 2 -


    Also look up the term here:

  • English, Critical Thinking Part 2 -

    Okay, I have my definition.
    Now I need help with discussing the ideology in the article.

  • English, Critical Thinking Part 2 -

    Make sure you have read the article more than once -- probably more than twice!

    First you need to identify the primary ideology used in the article. Then find several (preferably 3+) places in the article to use as examples/details that support your identification of the ideology.

    Only you can do this.

  • English, Critical Thinking Part 2 -

    Okay, here's what I came up with by breaking the argument down:

    Prmise 1: All people posses self interest and are dependent on each other.

    Premise 2: The top 1% posses a high self interest.

    Conclusion: Thus the top 1% are dependent on the other 99%.

    Therefore the ideology being discussed involves understanding the concept of self interest properly understood.

    Is that correct?

  • I need more HELP! -

    Please look at the acticle in the Critical Thinking post about Stiglitz and then answer the question. Also look at my above attempt and provide feedback. Thank you

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