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I have this essay due tomorrow.
I need help with the following:

I have to critique the following article and write an essay.
But first I need help identifyine Fallacies and the Types of evidence present.

Then state whether or not his arguement is compelling.

Its the article by Joseph Stiglitz: "Of the 1% by the 1%, for the 1%"

Its on vanityfair . com

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    Use the list at the right like a table of contents -- read about different types of fallacies before you start reading the article.

  • English, Critical Thinking -

    I already have a handout on fallacies.
    I can't identify them in the article.
    Please read the article.
    I agree with the author's argument but have to look for discrepencies.

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    Sorry. No time to read that right now.

    Read it several times ... carefully.
    Take good notes.
    Define the ideology.
    Identify specific examples to use in your paper.

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    I need someone to actually read the article and attempt to answer my question. I already know the approach to writing but need input.

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