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suki and lee wake up earl this morning . They want to go to grandma's house in the city.first they put on their clothes,then they ate their breakfast.they will ride with their parents in the car to grandma's house.they will take for her some food to eat.
question:how the children will show their love to grandma?

a-by waking up early
b-taking her food to eat
c-by going to the city
my answer is "b" but I think that the sentence meaning in "b" is confusing
plz is my answer correct?

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    This is for an ENGLISH assignment??

    When you are typing, please be sure to put a space after every comma and period and semicolon and colon. Please also learn to put capital letters where they belong.

    It's very hard to take you seriously if you do not follow at least the basics of typing/writing. It's also VERY hard to read this without common conventions of typing.

    Probably "b" is correct.

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    This is a good place to learn proper typing and conventions.

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