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I included some corrections I did myself and a message I need you to check.

1)The apron stage was circular in shape and was projected in the open air.
Correction: it's projected into the yard.
2)The witches predict to Macbeththat he will be Thane of Cowdor and king of Scotland. Later on they prophesy to him that no man of womam born could kill him and that he won't be defeated as long as Birnman Wood doesn't move towards him.
3)I’d like to thank you for your email on behalf of the principal of my school. He is enthusiastic about the idea of a Comenius project to be carried out among three schools.
4) Before thinking of a possible common theme for our Comenius project, we’ll have to wait until 24 October, when our teaching board will officially agree on a partnership among our schools.

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    1) I question the word "projected" = like a movie? Rather than "it's projected" just "It projects into the yard." That is more understandable to me.

    2) run on with "Macbeththat" = needs a space "Macbeth that"

    No man born of woman sounds better in modern English, but if y ou are quoting Shakespeare, you might want to use quotes?


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