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a penny dropped from the Empire state building. how far does the penny drop in 6 seconds? how fast will it be moving after 10 seconds?

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    Drag out your good old equations.

    s = 1/2 at^2
    v = at

    Ring a bell?

    In feet,

    s = 16t^2 = 16*36 = 576ft
    v = 32*10 = 320 ft/s

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    You can use the formulas
    y = (g/2) t^2
    for the distance it drops and
    V = g*t
    for the velocity.
    t is the time it has fallen.

    They are good for the inital several seconds, but after that, air friction slows it down.

    g is the acceleration of gravIty, which you should know the vaue of.

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