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see ive passed Foragers,farmers,and Builders (exam 007678) & The Axial Ages And Fitful Transitions (exam 007679) but i failed Contacts,conflicts,and The Crucible (exam 007680), Convergence,divergence,and Global Enlightenments (exam 007681), Frustrations Of Progress;chaosand Complexity (exam 007682) this is the hardest subject and its not like i havent tried, ive failed multiple times and the book is confusing sometimes multiple answers apply to questions and im like seriously desprate for help!! i could cry, seriously...if anybody has passed the last three please help me

  • penn foster world history -

    i understand where you are coming from im on the same subject its so hard!!!!! i keep failing too

  • Study skills? -

    No one here has the slightest idea what you're talking about when you mention exam numbers, etc.

    However, here are some suggestions:

    1. What is it you're after from Penn Foster? If it's an AA or other degree, you'd be FAR better off checking with your nearest community college and taking your classes there. If you are having this much trouble with online classes (and no real-live teachers to ask questions of), that's probably the basis of this issue.

    2. Stop taking courses from Penn Foster and wasting any more money. If you can, you should work on getting your money back for any classes you're currently enrolled in.

    3. At your nearest community college, check into taking some reading improvement courses. It sounds as if you are having comprehension issues, and good reading classes (not just one) can help immensely.

    Please do not continue with PF classes. You'll drive yourself nuts.

  • penn foster world history -

    i hope someone can help me as well.

  • Leah, Joey, and Adrianna -

    Please read what I wrote above and try to get out of the PF system. I've never heard anything positive coming from students in those courses.

  • penn foster world history -

    @writeacher im in the high school program, to get my diploma, trust me when im done i will not be taking college with this school :)

  • penn foster world history -

    Just about all community colleges all over our country have entrance rules that do NOT include having to have a high school diploma. Please check with your CC -- you may be able to start in there without completing any of these courses -- or becoming any more frustrated!

  • penn foster world history -

    I agree with Writeacher it definitely reads above as if you have reading comprehension issues (getting understanding from printed words). Have you tried a tutor on these series, or a study group? Surely there are others such as you in your area taking the same series. Are you in a homeschool group that meets together?

  • bobpursley -

    nope the town i live in is small, im actually like the only homeschooled child so nope we don't have any homeschool materials get shipped to me from PA..i cant just like drop out from high school though...i have to finish this almost done and about to graduate this class is just holding me up

  • penn foster world history -

    im in penn foster now and it is the worst. when i call for a lil help nobody wants to help at all its like there rude to you on purpose just so you don't call back.

  • penn foster world history -

    can somebody plz help me with penn foster exams 007679rr,007680rr,007681rr and 007682rr plz help me.....

  • penn foster world history -

    can someone please help me with this exam

  • penn foster world history -

    1.(A) 2.(D) 3.(A) 4.(A) 5.(D) 6.(C) 7.(C) 8.(D) 9.(B) 10.(B) 11.(C) 12.(D) 13.(B) 14.(B) 15.(A) 16.(A) 17.(D) 18.(A) 19.(B) 20.(C)

  • penn foster world history -

    penn foster world history - Jane Doe, Wednesday, June 6, 2012 at 11:04am
    1.(A) 2.(D) 3.(A) 4.(A) 5.(D) 6.(C) 7.(C) 8.(D) 9.(B) 10.(B) 11.(C) 12.(D) 13.(B) 14.(B) 15.(A) 16.(A) 17.(D) 18.(A) 19.(B) 20.(C)


  • penn foster world history -

    I feel the need to jump in here on the cheating issue. I happen to be a Penn Foster enrollee and I can't tell you how unhappy I am with this school! Students tend to cheat when they realize, often too late they chose the wrong school and the teaching and student help staff has a rather spare tire that happens to be flat attitude! Often students looking for answers are not cheating, they are looking to work the problems in reverse because of such poor instructional help! I find myself in this category since I paid good money for this and I can honestly say for the most part, it has been wasted!! My Advice to those looking to go back to school? Do NOT go Penn Foster!! Find a school that offers financial aid and has real classrooms where you can form study groups when necessary! Cheating happens most often when your school choice is also your biggest mistake!

  • penn foster world history -

    I can say that I could not agree more with the opening statement made about Penn Foster. Onlice classes have little to do with real learning from Penn Foster and instructional help is most often not available because of the conflict with THEIR working hours and adults going back to college often have to study late at night like me, meaning no one is available! Also, Instructions often don't make much sense, mispellings in your study guides are common and confusing sets of instructions that often have little relevance to your exams are a problem! Cheating doesn't happen just because students want the easy way out! It happens because quite often you need the answers to work your problems out backwards to figure out how the textbook arrives at the answers given. I'm in this very situation now with Financial Accounting and here's a good example: Journalise all the transactions for 3 months of a particular businbesses activity, but when you go to upload your finals for your graded project, what is needed is not the work you have completed making the whole process very frustrating and a total waste of time! Go to a local community college, get REAL classroom instructional help and form study groups with other students to help you over the rough spots and you will do much better! I guarantee it!

  • penn foster world history -

    for 007680RR- contacts,conflicts,the crucible

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