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Word Problems!!!!

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Help with the following problems:

1. Leah bought 2 boxes of cookies. She ate 3 and found that she had 21 left. How many cookies were in each box?

2. Arturo built 3 sandcastles with 6 towers each. Paco built 5 sandcastles with 4 towers each. Who built more towers? How many more?

3. Ashley has 35 dollars. She wants to buy 4 bags of peanuts at 2 dollars each. How much money will she have left?

Please solve all or at least ONE of the problems. Thanks!

  • Word Problems!!!! -

    I'll do the first one.

    2x - 3 = 21
    2x = 21 + 3
    2x = 24
    x = 24/2
    x = 12

    I'll be glad to check your answers to the other problems.

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