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I'm including the questions to the answers. Thank you.

1)Her plan was to drug the soldiers guarding the king and then blame them for the king’s murder.
2)The real Macbeth was King Duncan’s general. He killed him in 1040 and ruled until 1057 when he was defeated by Duncan’s son Malcolm III Canmore.
3)The blame is put on the king’s servants who slept outside the room.
4)Because he is obsessed with the witches’ prophecy about Banquo. He is worried that Banquo’s son will take his place.
5)In Act V Lady Macbeth goes mad. She walks in her sleep, trying to wash Duncan's blood from her hands. She is so obsessed by her feeling of guilt that she can't wash her hands clean.
6)He tells them to cut branches from the trees in Birnam Woodland to use these as camouflage to cover their advance.
7)He confesses to Macbeth that he was torn from his mother’s womb by a surgeon before he was due to be born.
8)He refused to surrender because he didn’t want to be mocked by everyone.
9)The play ends with Macduff carrying Macbeth’s head and proclaiming Malcolm king of Scotland.

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    Present tenses ... when you're referring to occurrences in the play.

    Otherwise, everything's fine.

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