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Select a two interest groups that are on opposite side of some issue or policy goal.

I was thinking I should write about
American Freedom Agenda-

But does the question mean we have to find two groups against each other? Or one group on an issue.. and is my choice an interest group ?

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    Yes, the American Freedom Agenda is a political interest group.

    Your assignment now is to find another interest group that opposes the AFA.

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    Hmm, I can not think of any one opposing it.

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    Look for groups who are strong on Homeland Security and support Guantanamo and torture.

    Or take several of the AFA's agenda items and look for groups that oppose them.

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    Would The Heritage Foundation work?

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    I don't think so, but I don't know much about either organization.

    I suggest you use the "Contact Us" button on the AFA site and ask them for the name of a group that opposed the AFA.

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    Hmm, I did it on American Association of Affirmative action and Center of Equal Opportunity instead.

    Ill post it up.

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