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Could you check the following sentences on indirect speech, too? Thank you.
By the way, how do you pronounce "Keruac", the surname of the famous American writer?

1)He invited me to go for a walk.
2)One of the guests apologized for breaking the vase.
3)He suggested I should book for the play in advance.
4)He reminded me to turn .. (when I had finished)
5)He admitted eating all the cake (the previous day).
6)He denied breaking the vase.
7)He refused to answer any questions.
8)She agreed/promised to drive me to the airport.

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    Click on the sideways triangles (both of them) to hear the name pronounced.

    All the sentences look good except 3, and I'm wondering how you will complete 4.

    In 3, do you mean "buy a ticket" for the play... ?

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