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sodium borohydride (NaBH4) is used industrially in many organic syntheses. one way to prepare it is by reacting sodium hydride with gaseous diborone. Assuming an 86.8% yield,how many grams of NaBH4 can be prepared by reacting 7.98g of sodium hydride and 8.16g of diborone?
i tried 9.68 but it didn't work

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    Do you mean diborane? Not the usual method to make NaBH4!

    2NaH + B2H6 -> 2NaBH4

    work out the number of moles of each of the two starting materials so to find out if one is a limiting reagent. Then base your theoretical yield on the limiting reagent.

    Once you have the theoretical yield then 0.868 x theoretical yield is the mass produced.

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