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how many ions and moles does 113 mL of .490 M aluminum chloride have?

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    Molarity = moles/liters so moles = molarity x liters. 113mL = .113L so .113 x .490 = 0.05537moles. as far as the ions go, i think you would have to look at a periodic table and convert the molecular weight or something. that's a strange question, im not sure if you are wording it right. hope this helps

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    Wendell is correct for moles AlCl3 = M x L = ??
    Then moles Al = the same as moles AlCl3 since there is 1 mole Al per 1 mole AlCl3.
    For moles Cl, it is 3xmoles AlCl3 since there are 3 Cl atoms per molecule AlCl3.

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