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human srvices

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human services 322 assignmnets

  • What?? -

    You're asking US what your assignments are??

    Assignments for this course are available online only AFTER you are registered for the course, apparently.

  • human srvices -

    I have some constructive criticism for you, please take it for its worth.

    I noticed your communication.
    a) you misspelled assignments, services, and your question you typed has no verb, nor punctuation, nor begins with a capital.

    b) There are a lot of "universities" online that give out courses (for a big fee), very high grades (for shoddy work), and then degrees. Students pay a lot of money for these.

    c) In the real world, you are known for what you know, how you seek more information, how you process information, and how you communicate that information. It is very sad that students are not taught nor evaluated on these skills when paying for their "university" education (or "degree").

    d) So I strongly suggest you practice making impressive communications: spelling, grammar, punctuation, and clarity of thought, even if you do not encounter those requirements in your paid for "university" education.

    e) One way to do this is to just proof your writing. It is amazing how many errors one can catch themselves, and correct them before others see them.

    Best of luck to you.

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