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An empty glass jar weighing 1.54 kg is in the shape of a cylinder which has a radius of 14cm and a height of 20cm. Calculate how many litres of water it will hold when filled to the top.Also calculate its weight when it is filled with water (take pie=22/7)

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    volume of jar =π(14^2(20) = 280π L
    Since 1 L weighs 1 kg
    the total weight is 280π + 1.54 = appr. 881.54

    (The weight of 1 L of water is 1 Kg within 1/10000 of a kg, but since you are asked to use the rather clumsy value of 22/7 for π, we can go with that.
    With the easy access to calculators, where the majority of them have π build in to about 7 digit accuracy, it surprises me that your text asks for 22/7 for π)

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    the 280π is in cm^3 not litres.
    so we have
    288π/1000 + 4.54 = 2.45 kg

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