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More Algebra

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Eve and Jason have an exercise routine that they do together three days a week. Together, they can lift 225 pounds.

a) If Eve can lift 113 pounds,how many pounds can Jason lift?

b). If Eve can lift 87 pounds, how many
pounds can Jason lift?

c) What expression can be used to find
p, how many pounds Jason can lift if
Eve can lift x pounds?

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    It's your turn now, Jab.

    How do you think you can figure out these problems?

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    Um. Well I tried this but im not sure:

    A) 113+x= 112
    -113 -113

    B) 87+p= 225
    -87 -87

    C) No idea :{

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    A) I don't know how you got your answer, but 112 is right.

    87 + p = 225
    p = 225 - 87
    p = ?

    225 - x = p
    225 = x + p

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    On A I did

    113 + x = 225
    X= 225-113
    X= 112

    Thanks so much Ms. Sue. I would have failed this math asignment if it werent for you! I will most likely come back here whenerever I have issues again. Thanks again!

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    You're very welcome, Jab.

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