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These sentences refer to the definition of tragedies. Can you please check the grammar? Thank you very much in advance.

1) Classical tragedies were usually introduced by a prologue from a chorus, who commented on the main action or advised the main characters.
2) Emotions were thought to be experienced by the audience through a process of identification with the characters, so that in the end these passions lost their power, thus allowing a process of catharsis (purification).
3) Tragedies could end with an epilogue acted by a mask or an anonymous player.
In the Elizabethan period dramatts gave birth to the revenge tragedies.
4) The language is always solemn and elevated whereas the heroes and heroines are never common people, but kings, princes and warriors. They are not free by dominated by fate.
5) In "Macbeth" Shakespeare used blank verse, that was basically unrhymed iambic pentameter. This consists of a common pattern of beats in which each line is made up of five iambs. An iamb has one short beat followed by a long or strong beat, as in the word "alive".

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    3. comma after "period" - I don't know what that next word is.

    4. comma after "elevated" - check words/spelling in second sentence here.

    5. delete "that was" and keep the comma after "verse"

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