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A girl throws a stone form the top of a building with an initial velocity of 20.0 m/s upward. The building is 50.0 m high and the stone just misses the edge of the roof on its way down. Draw a v vs t graph, find time needed for stone to reach max height, find max height, time needed for the stone to return to the level of the girl, find velocity of the stone when it returns to the level of the girl and find the time for the stone to reach the ground..

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    You are going to have to show some work of your own.

    V = 20 - 9.8 t

    max height is reached when V = 0

    Height above ground =
    Y = 50 + 20t - 4.9 t^2

    Y = 0 when it touches the ground. Solve for that t.

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    a person throws an apple downward from a lift the man observes doesn't fall down why?

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