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English Honors

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Can you please verify my answers if I got em' right? Thanks, They are:
1)C or D (think it's C)
2)B or C (plz help this one)

1) Which of the following statements BEST describes Benjamin Franklin's Autobiography?

A) It expounds the moral, ethical, and religious tenets of the Puritans.
B) It describes Franklin's devout religious practices.
C) It provides the model for the classic American rags-to-riches story.
D) It shows that the notion of a self-made person is an unrealistic myth.

2)William Bradford's purpose in writing "Of Plymouth Plantation" was

A) to attract more colonists to America.
B) to provide a historical document for future generations.
C) to inspire future generations to carry on the Pilgrims' ideals.
D) to provide support for being elected governor of Plymouth Colony.

3) In Here Follow Some Verses upon the Burning of Our House, July 10, 1666, Anne Bradstreet emphasizes both the things she has lost and

A) the people who escaped in the fire.
B) the new home that neighbors are building for her.
C) her memories of happy occasions in the house.
D) the items she has rescued from the flames.

4) Which phrase BEST illustrates the speaker's wish in Huswifery?

A) All the speaker's words and actions reflect God's purpose.
B) God relieves the speaker of his or her boring, day-to-day tasks.
C) The speaker learns how to prosper from making cloth.
D) The speaker proves his or her faith by mastering a difficult craft.

5) In The Autobiography, Benjamin Franklin considers moral perfection to be a(n)

A) illusion promoted by ministers and religion.
B) annoying claim made by hypocrites.
C) state attainable through study and practice.
D) pathway to heaven and God's grace.

6) In The Autobiography, Franklin ranks the virtues according to

A) how the clergymen of his day ranked them.
B) the popularity of individual virtues among his friends.
C) the idea that the mastery of one virtue facilitates the next.
D) the belief that the most difficult virtues must be developed first.

7) In Speech to the Virginia Convention, Patrick Henry recounts several instances in which the colonists sought agreement and acceptable terms with the British. He does this to persuade the delegates that

A) it is treason to seek peace with the British.
B) the colonists have behaved in a cowardly way.
C) the British army is weak and can be easily defeated.
C) all peaceful options have been tried and have failed.

8) The Puritans favored the plain style because

A) it mirrored their style of worship.
B) they didn't know any Latin.
C) it allowed them to use figurative language.
D) they had little formal training in writing.

9) A conceit is

A) a metrical unit of poetry.
B) a startling figure of speech.
C) a conventional, stock phrase.
D) the use of language to evoke forced rhyme.

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    5. a

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    actually, 5. is c

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