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This is a riddle, and I'm supposed to find a 5-digit number from it.....

My thousand's digit is the first that is perfect,
but if you're not happy with that,
it's also the product of the first two primes.

My units digit is the odd of those two primes,
and if you look at it and my tens,
you'll find a number divisble by three, but not by the square of that my friends.

Now let's look at my hundreds and thousands
If you examine those two as they're paired, you'll find they form a number divisible by an even prime that's been squared. (4)

Now let's look at my body in whole. Five different digits you see, in order (or not) you'll find that they are divisible by nine,
Can you find the mystery number?

I think I have the thousands and hundreds digits...
Hundreds: 3
Thousands: 6

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