8th grade History

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i have no clue how to write a paragraph about the spanish conquistadors! i need help please

  • 8th grade History -

    Ordinarily a good paragraph will have 5 sentences. The first will let everyone know the topic. The last will sum it up. Try some of the following links for information which you can put in the 3 sentences inbetween:



  • 8th grade History -

    Here's a start...
    The Spanish Conquistadors led the Spanish colonization of the America's.........

    then you should look up how they did that and what advantages they had

  • 8th grade History -

    well first you should probably finish second grade then go from there!

  • 8th grade History -

    If your going to insult someone's intelligence, you should check you own, first.

    The correct way to write that sentence would be:
    Well, first you should probably finish the second grade, then go from there!

    Have a nice day. :)

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