Calculus - - Dividing Radicals

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For the radical symbol, I'll just make a v.


V240 = 4V15

V108 = 6V3

4V15/6V3 = ???

I am able to divide 3 into 15, and I get 5. But I cant do the same with 4 and 6 because they don't go into eachother evenly, and I can't reduce them either, otherwise that would leave me with 2/3. The answer is 2V5, and I don't get where they got the 2 from, this is really confusing.

  • Calculus - - Dividing Radicals -

    3√240 / √180
    = 3√16√15 / (√36√5)
    = 12√15 / (6√5)
    = 2√15 / √5
    = 2√3

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