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Two cars are initially moving at constant speeds of 50 m/s (first car) and 30 m/s
(second car) along a straight track with the first car being behind. At a certain
point (e.g. point A) on the track the first car overtakes the other one. At this very
moment of time the first car starts to decelerate at a rate of 3 m/s2 while the
second car accelerates at a rate of 4m/s2.
a). Find the time it takes for the second car to overtake the first one from the
moment of the first ‘catch-up’.
b). Find the distance between point A and the point where they catch-up again.

No clue where to start, with no distance time final velocity or anything the kinamatic equations are useless so a start to the problem would be a great help

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