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A car travelling at a constant speed of 136 km/hr passes a tropper hidden behind a billboard. One second after the speeding car passes the billboard, the tropper sets in a chase after the car wit ha constant acceleration of 3.8 m/s^2. How far does the trooper travel before he overtakes the speeding car?

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    The distance traveled is the same.
    distancespeeder: velocity*time change 136km/hr to m/s
    distancetrooper: 1/2 3.8 (t-1)^2

    set them equal, solve for t. then, go back and solve for distance in either equation

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    The answer above is WRONG.
    136 km/h = 38.3333 m/s
    x = x0 + vi*t + .5*a*t^2
    xtropper = 0 + 0 + .5*3.8*t^2
    xspeeder = 0 + 38.3333t + 0

    xtropper = xspeeder
    t = 20.17542105

    xtropper = .5*3.8*20.17542105^2
    xtropper = 773.3904676

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