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Is Harvard is really the best college ?

also what high school grades are require to get to Harvard ???
When I be a 9th grader will they prepare me for SAT ???

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    How do you define "best" college?

    Harvard, as most schools, judges students on many things, not just grades. Straight A's are probably necessary, as well as test scores, leadership abilities, community service, and standards of your high school. Even so, because Harvard has so many applicants, it must turn away many very qualified students.

    The best way to prepare for the SAT is to fully understand everything in your classes and read, read, read. Acing really tough classes will also help.

    You need to start now, and not wait for 9th grade to become the absolutely best student you can.

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    you will need a HIGH grade to get in a good school.thats the only answer.

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    Ms. Sue why would I start in the 9th grade I'm starting now, if I do well in middle school i will make it to high school & go to easliy high level classess

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