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College Math

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There is a question >

Write the slope intercept form of the equation for the line passing through the points (-6,3) and (0,7)

Now my answer started with >

Slope = 7-3/0-(-6) = Slope = 2/3

Then to find the intercept >


3= 2/3(-6) + c
c= 7

In my opinion this is the only way I could think of besides the formula y0-y1=m(x0-x1) and I tried that and I am getting nothing..

So where am I going wrong?

The right answer according to mathlab is > y=3/4x+8

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    Unless you have a typo in your original information, the correct equation in y-intercept slope form is

    y = (2/3)x + 7 , which is what you had

    As was shown by Jesse, the answer they supplied does not verify , so it is wrong.
    Both of the given points satisfy your equation.
    As a matter of fact (0,7) is the actual y-intercept , thus the b of the equation.

    Trust me!!

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    Aha, then is must be a technical error in Mathlab. :/

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