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can you guys help me write a conclusion for this and also help me elaborate my essay better. I've worked so hard and it's due tomorrow

Politicians can't agree on how to create more jobs and this is a major problem. The U.S. economy is in trouble because it has more debt than it has in decades. The Democrats want to raise some taxes to pay off part of the debt and continue to offer services. The Republicans do not want to raise the taxes and want to cut many programs to save money. The majority of the people seem to want jobs as most have lost their jobs due to recession. If the government shuts down, there will probably be no more jobs, which would cause unemployment amongst several US citizens. The downfall of US economy in this decade has multiple reasons like the increased debt capital and the consequences can be huge unemployment. To kick-start the economy, the government has to use the anti-recession strategies to face the present challenges. The government has to take immediate actions to decrease the debt capital and either it can be tax payoffs or other ways like the debt default ways. The US economy needs urgent supports efforts to put together a package to stimulate the US. A cutting of the interest rates would provide a boost , but the bigger issue of job creation need heavy investment in the economy which poses a severe challenge for a debt trapped country. Proposed tax cuts are the other relief measures to lessen the pressures on the economy

this is what i have so far thanks!

  • english/usgov URGENT -

    1. "than it has in decades. " = has had

    2. "due to recession." = a or the recession

    3. "amongst " = among
    just "several" = many

    4. "of US economy" = the US...etc.

    5. "urgent supports efforts " = support

    6. "creation need heavy" = needs (issue is the subject)

    7. debt-trapped

    8. relief measures = measure (singular)

    9. In conclusion..... What is the main idea?


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