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I'm very ignorant when it comes to politics. I had to write a summary on
Shutdown looms: Spotlight now on Senate after Boehner wrangled House GOP votes

If you go to google and type that in it's the first link.. Can someone give me some key pointers as to how the info in that link affects the US. This is the Summary I wrote so far The congress decided to undertake a short term 'funding measure' in order to avoid Government shutdown .They felt it would calm down the immediate crisis. This was a wise action on their behalf .The Senate will vote late Monday on its own version of the bill. However, Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) said that there is no threat of a government shutdown. The Senate bill offers disaster relief without cutting any expenditure elsewhere. This will take time and it is not yet clear how the dispute will be resolved. There has been no compromise from either side. Now I need to write about how it affects US. please help me

  • US Gov help URGENT -

    The U.S. is in trouble. It owes more money than it has in decades. The Democrats want to raise some taxes to pay off part of the debt and continue to offer services. The Republicans want no raise in taxes and want to cut many programs to save money.

    The majority of the people seem to want jobs above all else. If the government shuts down, there will probably not be more jobs. The politicians can't agree on how to create more jobs.

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