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Thank you very much. I wrote a few more sentences for you to check.

1)Under Henry VII England enjoyed a fairly long spell (I need a synonym) of unbroken peace and prosperity.
2) In particular, a mercantile fleet was created whereas the army and the navy were reorganized and put under direct control of the king. Henry VII also laid the foundations of English Humanism.
3) With the Act of Supremacy the Church of England was made (declared to be?) independent (of Rome) and its bishops were subject to the authority of the king.
4) (The Pope refused to grant Henry VIII a (is "a" necessary??) divorce from Catherine of Aragon.)
5) The most famous was Sir Thomas More, the great humanist and the author of Utopia. He was once the king’s chief minister but refused to recognize the supremacy of the church in religious matters and remained faithful to the Church of Rome. For this reason he was beheaded in 1535.
6) Mary I was a devout Catholic. She had 300 Protestants burned, which earned her the title of Bloody Mary.
3. Elizabeth I managed to steer the Church of England between the Catholics and Puritans.
7) James I believed in the divine right of the monarch.
He believed to be the representative of God on earth.

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    Choose the 4-5 you question the most.

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