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I'm working on distances like saying something is closest far away or furthest.
Are these correct for what I put in English as the closest far away or furthest-
1.furthest away- Preferiero aquella arana.(accent over n)
2.far away-Prefiero esa gallina.
3. far away-Prefiero esos papagayos.
4.closest -Prefiero este pez.
5.far away-Prefiero ese serpiente.
6.furthest away-Prefiero aquella vaca.

  • Spanish -another question -

    Correction-Number 5 should be
    Prefiero esa serpiente. Correct because its feminine?

  • Spanish -another question -

    este, esta, estos, estas = this/these

    ese, esa, esos, esas = that/those (you can almost reach)

    aquel, aquella, aquellos, aquellas = that/those (beyond reach)

    #5 = I prefer THAT snake.


  • Spanish -another question -

    I'm sorry but I don't understand about #5-I should have written it as I could almost reach it so it would be Prefiero esa sepiete. Is that correct?
    Were the others correct
    I guess my closest is this/these
    My far away is you can almost reach them and my fathest would be that/those
    Thanks for checking

  • Spanish SRAJMcGIn please recheck -

    Please recheck my above posting-thank you

  • Spanish -another question -

    There is a fact, for most of the people a snake is better if it is far away, then in spanish I will use "aquella" or "esa"( if I do not see, because it is far away from me and the person who I am talking to. but, why to use the verb prefer (most of time you must use in comparations = Prefiero esa serpiente a este perro flaco y maltrecho / Prefiero ir a correr que andar en bicicleta, etcétera.

    Prefiero esa/aquella serpiente.

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