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Olivia Hertog Personality Profile
Written By: Bryce R
Cameras are flashing everywhere, as Junior Olivia Hertog poses for her new shoot as sweat drips off her face from the heat of the lights, smearing her makeup. Hertog is an alternative model, showing clothes off for clothes lines and even magazines. Hertog’s amazing modeling career is quite astonishing, but what is under all that makeup, who’s the real Olivia?
“I love doing hair, makeup, piercings, writing, and music. I love being creative and unique.” Hertog currently attends Prosser School of Cosmetology, and loves every minute of it. “I honestly enjoy Prosser a little more, it lets me be me, and it’s something I love.”
How did Hertog make it into one of the hardest modeling jobs available? Hertog was recommended by a family friend who saw her at a family reunion. She was associated with someone that works for Alix Adams Modeling Classes, and she thought Hertog was drop dead gorgeous. “I started around the seventh grade, and I fell in love with it,” Hertog says with a broad smile on her face.
Hertog has also been seen working with several celebrities including her good friends, Kent Kaliber and Vyxsin Fiala from the Amazing Race. Hertog mentioned she has learned some valuable modeling lessons from working with bigger and better models, “They have taught me so much since I started modeling with them. They taught me to always stay true to yourself, and you will be a perfect model, and that no matter how much makeup and prosthetics you put on, you’re still just as beautiful without them.”
Hertog also has some pet peeves about modeling, such as the way people view models. “I don’t feel like you have to be size zero to be a model, just be who you are and you’ll always be beautiful.”Hertog strongly believes that if you just be yourself, you can be an amazing model.
“I love modeling. It’s like playing dress up, you get to try on wacky clothes, and you get to play a different character in each photo,” Hertog says smiling with her vivid smile. “I actually don’t plan on modeling being my full on career, I don’t want it to be the only thing I focus on. I just want it to be a side job so I can enjoy other jobs such as being a makeup artist or hairdresser.”
Olivia’s mother Lois Hertog, also enjoys Hertog’s modeling career. “I support Olivia 100 percent in everything she does. If she is into piercings and tattoos, that’s perfectly fine with me as long as I know she is safe,” Ms. Hertog says while twirling one of her long blonde hairs.
“I just am trying to keep Olivia on the right path, and make sure she doesn’t go down the wrong path as some models do, such as struggling not to gain weight and starving themselves.” Ms.Hertog says with a serious expression on her face.
Hertog’s sister though, Katie Hertog, is not into the modeling. “I support her, and I love her, I just would rather not be in the modeling industry,” Katie says while smiling over at Olivia.
A side from modeling though, Hertog has gone through some extreme life battles, including Acute Lymphoblastic leukemia. Hertog was diagnosed on November 3rd, 1999. “I went through about 2 years of chemo, and it was probably one of the scariest times of my life, knowing that any day could be my last,” Hertog says as her eyes are almost filled with tears.
Hertog’s face soon lit up as she rejoiced “I am now cancer free and past remission! I am extremely happy that I am now a cancer survivor and no longer a victim of cancer.” If anything, Hertog learned to keep hope and cherish every moment of life. “Life is so much more valuable than you think, so live every minute like it’s your last.”
Hertog is currently planning on getting her piercing apprenticeship after she graduates, and plans on continuing modeling for quite some time. “If anything, I want to let the world know that everyone is here for a reason, and you are born beautiful.”

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