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What is the meaning of this quote and how does it relate to the King Lear play?

Give me your hand. You are now within a foot
Of th' extreme verge. For all beneath the moon
Would I not leap upright.

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    Find the act and scene here and read it -- original on the left, modern English on the right. Then let me know if you still don't understand.

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    I have actually done it like that, and I still don't understand the importance of the quote.

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    OK, tell me the exact act, scene and lines.

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    It's Act IV; Scene VI; Lines 26- 28

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    OK, do you understand what has happened up to this point? Gloucester thinks Edgar (G's son, but in disguise) has led him to the edge of a cliff, and G wants to jump off and commit suicide. Do you understand why G's own son is in disguise, doesn't want his father to recognize him?

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    But G has been blinded, and thinks he's being led to the cliff's edge. He has to trust that Edgar is doing what he wants.

    But we really know what? Did Edgar lead him to a cliff's edge?

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