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ã27 + ã12 - ã32 - ã8

ã27 = ã3*3*3 = 3ã3

ã12 = ã2*2*3 = 2ã3

ã32 = ã2*2*2*2*2 = 4ã2

ã8 = ã2*2*2 = 2ã2

3ã3 + 2ã3 - 4ã2 - 2ã2

Here is where I get sort of confused. Because the like terms are 3. And so Im supposed to add them and I get 5ã3. Then I subtract the 4ã2 - 2ã2 and I get a 2ã2, but its supposed to be 6.(would that be known as the index? And can indexes be negative??

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    Ok sorry I just cant make that radical sign for some reason but that ã is supposed to be a radical sign.

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