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I was wondering what was the most proper way to incorporate a quote from a piece of work that is a quote from another piece of work.

If this makes no sense... in my paper I'm quoting a quote from a document that we have discussed in class. Within this document the author quoted another author from a different piece of work.

I asked my professor if I could just copy and paste the citation from the footnote from the document that we discussed in class and she said that was fine but if it was a more higher leveled English course I would have to go to the original source and that would be the proper way to cite the quote.

So I was wondering in my citation what do I put for the page number or do I just not include it sense I'm not aware.

The footnote at the bottom of the page from the document that we discussed in class has the following.

F. Fanon, Black Skin, White Masks, Introduction by H.K. Bhabha (London: Pluto, 1986), pp. 218, 229, 231.

So I copied and pasted this onto the works cite page like she said I could.

I'm unsure what to put after the particular quote. I put "(F. Fanon)" and am unsure if this is all I need to do.

Also my library doesn't have the particular book. Which I find strange because my universities library is huge.

Thanks for any help.

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    OK, I'm going to give you several websites.

    Scroll down to the section just under Citations taken from a secondary source.

    Scroll down to the section just under Citing Indirect Sources.

    Scroll down to the section just under Citing Indirect Sources.

    Let us know how you write this up.

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    ooh yeah and for the following do i use the same citation ?

    Source C: An article in the Chicago Tribune entitled “Happiness is Contagious, New Study Finds.” It was written by Judith Graham and published in the December 4th edition. No page number is listed, but it’s in the “Health” section.

    Original Paragraphs:

    You may think your attentive spouse, your loving children, and your good friends are what make you happy. But something else may be going on: The people they're connected with are making you happy too.

    So suggests a new study proposing that happiness is transmitted through social networks, almost like a germ is spread through personal contact. The research was published Thursday in BMJ, a British medical journal.

    It's the latest in a growing body of work investigating how our social connections--neighbors, friends, family, co-workers, fellow congregants at church and other associates--affect us. The premise is that we live in a social environment that shapes what we do and how we think and feel.

    7. Student’s Sentence:

    A 2008 study suggested that happiness can be spread “like a germ through social networks of friends and family” (Graham 1)

    8. Student’s Sentence:

    You might believe that your loving husband or wife, your doting progeny, and your intimate associates create your happiness. It may be that something else is going on: their intimate associates might be having an effect on you, too (Graham).

    9. Student’s Works Cited Citation:

    Judith Graham. “Happiness is Contagious, New Study Finds.” (there was a website her)
    Chicago Tribune, December 4, 2008. December 16, 2008.

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    i posted this post in the wrong place sorry

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