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Thank you very much. Could you please check these sentence, too?

1)"I'll buy you lunch", said Mark . Mark promised to buy me lunch. Mark promised (that) he would buy me lunch.
2) 'You must see a doctor.' John insisted that I saw a doctor. John demanded that I saw a doctor.
3)"The music is too loud." She complained that the music was too loud.
4)"Let me help you with these bags." She offered to help me with those bags,
5)"You must come to my party." She insisted that I came (went) to her party. She said that I had to go to her party.
6)"I must leave tomorrow." He said he would have to leave the following day.
7)"She’ll be fine soon", the doctor said. He reassured us that she would be fine soon.
8) "Why don’t you go to the dentist’s tomorrow?" She proposed that I went to the dentist’s the following day.
9)"You must keep off the grass." She told them that they must keep off the grass.

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