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Here is the second speech act. Thank you for your cooperation.

I also wanted to know if:
A) Would you prefer it if we met at six?
has the same meaning as
B) Would you prefer to meet at six?
Is "it" necessary in sentence number 1?
Indirect speech: She asked me if I would prefer to meet at six. (Is it the only possibility?)

1)“Please tidy up you room.”
2)“Can/could you (please) tidy up your room before dinner?” , she asked
3)“Will/would you (please) tidy up your room before dinner?”
4)“I’d like you to tidy up your room before dinner.”
5)“Would you mind lending me your pen?”/”Do you mind (is it possible?) lending me...?”
Indirect speech

1-4) She kindly asked/requested/begged/ me to tidy up my room before dinner. (Can I use other reporting verbs?)

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    A. The "it" is not necessary, but it clarifies the sentence better.
    B. Yes, the meaning is the same.
    The only possibility? No = She asked me if I would prefer meeting at six.

    1) Please tidy your room. I like better. In any event you - your

    3) Will you = future but Would you = sounds more like a request.

    5) Is it possible to lend me your pen.

    1-4) She asked me kindly to tidy my room.

    reporting? You could get stronger = she demanded/insisted


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