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in 2001,there were g white storks migrating fron europe to africa in winter.The next year, only half of the white storks made the journey to africa.in 2003,the number of migrating white storks decreased by another 45.
(a) find the number of white storks that migrated in 2003 in terms of g.
(b) if the number of white storks that migrated in 2001 was 1800,how many white storks migrated in 2003?

  • word problem(algebra) -

    2001 white storks = g
    2002 white storks = g/2
    2003 white storks = g/2 - 45

    A.) g/2 - 45

    B.) g/2 - 45
    Substitute 1800 to g
    = 1800/2 - 45
    = if not same denominator, you must multiply whole number to denominator then add to numerator then divide back to the denominator. Like this:
    = 45 x 2
    = 100
    = 100 + 1800
    = 1900
    = 1900/2
    = 950

    There are 950 white storks migrating in 2003.

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