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Grade 10-Math

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I isolated x+2y=3 to make: x=3-2y
then i began to sub in equation one with equation two:

after that i began to try to solve the equation but my answers were not correct. any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    You are substituting for y instead of x
    Besides that you were still keeping the y as well.

    5(3-2y) + 4y = 8
    15 - 10y + 4y = 8
    -6y = -7
    y = 7/6

    then in x = 3-2y
    x = 3-14/6 = 2/3

    x = 2/3 , y = 7/6

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    i understand how you got the answer i just don't get why i don't put 5x+4y before the equation because i have been for all the other ones and i got those ones right..

    for example this one:
    6x+5y= 7
    x-y= 3
    i isolated the second equation into y=3+x

    so: 6x+5y(3+x)=7
    11/11= 22/11

    then i subbed in the other equation..
    5y/5= -5/5
    y= -1

    and i checked my answer and it was correct.
    i just don't understand what i'm doing wrong for the equation.. because i keep thinking the full equation must go first not separate it.

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    Horizontal line through(5,0)

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